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Initiative and Positive Attitude
  • Importance of right attitude
  • Ways to demonstrate initiative at workplace
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Positive thinking and risk-taking
  • Ways to develop positive thinking
  • Interplay – initiative and positive attitude
Goal Setting and Time Management
  • Recognize the value of time
  • Learn to set SMART goals
  • Discover 3 critical steps of prioritization
  • Productivity quadrants and their application
  • Delegation for managers
  • How to multitask without losing focus?
Personal Finance and Wealth Management
  • Quiz: finance and wealth management
  • Cost of poor management and lessons learnt
  • Money principles for working professionals
  • Safety net for health, leisure, and emergencies
  • Quitting a job – how to de-risk?
  • How some people never run out of money
Remote Productivity in Digital Era
  • The ‘CHANGE’ of working landscape
  • 5 Habits of productivity from home
  • Tips for communicating over distance
  • Visibility – my work speaks for itself?
  • Developing tech fluency
  • Balancing work and life at home
Communication Skills
  • Three communication challenges
  • Power of proactive communication
  • Best practices for next-generation executive
  • Importance of rapport and how to build it
  • Listening for impact
  • Blend communication and technology
Presentation Skills
  • Recipe of a successful presentation
  • Learn techniques to overcome nervousness
  • Developing irresistible content
  • Understand 3 V’s of engaging delivery
  • Building rapport and interaction
  • Handling difficult situations
Negotiation Skills
  • You get what you negotiate!
  • How to prepare for any negotiation?
  • Learn BATNA, RV and ZOPA
  • Making offers, counteroffers, and concessions
  • Working towards win-win outcome
  • Discover your style as a negotiator
Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Independence v/s interdependence?
  • Importance of bonding and rapport
  • Communication for success
  • Collaborative decision making
  • What makes a great team player?
  • Learn conflict resolution Skills
Customer Service
  • Why customer service is paramount?
  • Understanding service value pyramid
  • Going beyond tech and product knowledge
  • Managing customer expectations
  • Top practices to delight your customers
  • How to handle angry customer?
Selling Skills
  • The art and discipline of Selling
  • Understanding selling cycle
  • Probing and benefit selling
  • Handling objection positively
  • 5 buying decisions customers make
  • Strategies of influence
Managing Virtual Team
  • It’s a new ball game!
  • Long-distance communication mantras
  • Break silence and silos
  • Getting work done
  • Protecting and developing Team Moral
  • Fluency with tools and platforms
Leading People
  • Personal leadership for people leadership
  • Leadership assessment
  • Manager or leader or both?
  • 4 C’s of people leadership
  • Motivating people
  • Moving into leadership quadrant
Managerial Effectiveness
  • Multi-dimensional role of manager
  • Assessment: what is your managerial style?
  • How to cast managerial presence?
  • Building a culture of performance
  • Problem-solving and decision-making
  • How to develop and coach people?
Emotional Intelligence
  • Quiz – Am I emotionally intelligent?
  • Four pillars of EI
  • Developing self-awareness
  • How to improve emotional management?
  • Managing emotional bank and relationships
  • Empathy to succeed with others
Design Thinking and Innovation
  • New age thinking for solution and innovation
  • Two pillars: empathy and creativity
  • Five steps of design thinking process
  • From empathy to insights and needs
  • Idea generation for limitless possibilities
  • Power of prototypes and how to pilot them
Winning Difficult Conversations
  • The least known ‘C’ of communication
  • Arresting conflict early
  • Keeping eyes on the goal
  • Contributing to dialogue and be curious
  • Watch your own emotions
  • Danger of ‘imaginary’ narratives

Upon request, we would send across to you the training outline for the modules above. We will improvise the typical outline to suit your unique challenges and people needs.

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Thanks For Your InterestThe brain-friendly outline comes absolutely free to you.

    Thanks For Your InterestThe brain-friendly outline comes absolutely free to you.

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